The Final Illusion

Final Illusion . . Is this Illusion or Reality?
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How it begins...
Every world has had its own threat; every world has had its own heroes. With these two things there was a balance--unbroken and untouched--which kept the worlds seperate but that balance was wavering--breaking, perhaps?--with each downfall of the world's threat.

It has been a year...

Something was happening, the balance was breaking, and things were beginning to grow uneasy.

And then it broke, strained too much by the weight of evil.
So the worlds merge...

The merging of the worlds happened quickly.

With the merging came new people and religions, cities and towns, ways of living people have never dreamed of, technology from more advanced places. All was introduced to a world that had never thought to have existed. Yet, the worlds and people were not the only things to have been brought. Monsters, weapons, and items came as well; some have been spliced together, forming a new form of weapon or a different species of monster, while others have stayed the same.

But... the afterlife, as well, seems to have affected the most. Each has been forced into a living space, cramped together.
The Afterlife...

With the mergins of the worlds the afterlife of each were meshed into one space, forced to share the same space. It was something they were not used to. With this it brought a friction, which was created and built up as each one fights the other for a dominant position over the other. But can one win over the other when they're evenly matched?

The friction is causing a distruption within and it is allowing the previously dead to come back.
The Dead Return...?

Death really isn't the same as before.

Since the worlds have merged the dead are being brought back, though they may not exactly find themselves in the place that they had been buried/killed. Also, their memories only go up to the day they had died and anything past that is unknown.

Now, since the afterlife is on the fritz, if anyone was to die they wouldn't die for good. They would be able to return after staying a short while in the afterlife--a mix of each one-and they would find themselves either in Mideel or Guadosalam. It all depends, really, on the mood of all the friction-causing afterlifes.

The Fayth of Spira...

The Fayth have returned, and in the body they had before giving themselves to Yu Yevon's hopeful sacrifice. They don't understand why they have returned and it has disrupted their finally gotten rest from dreaming.

Their memory of their past is hazy and, slowly, they begin to remember bits and pieces of it. What they remember may be small recollections or something that had once been important. Afterall, 1000 years of dreaming and being dead will cause one to forget who they once were. However, Anima is an exception; she is the youngest and newest of the fayth, thus allowing her to have a vivid remembrance of her past and who she really is.

But, the Fayth are unable to transform in their aeon form and they are unable to use their overdrive. They do have some of their power, able to use the magic they learned through the summoners they accompanied.
Communities to Join...
The Rules...
(x)No Bashing or Flaming
Please, be kind to your fellow players and characters. While you may not agree with certain things going on, or be a fan of a certain pairing that is taking place in the RP, do not take it into your own hands and say cruel or mean things about such things. It is not worth hurting someone's feelings to get your point across.

(x)Being Active
When taking part in the RPG you are telling the mods and your fellow players that you taking responsibility as an active members. PLEASE try to stay as active as you can; if a problem arises, which lets you not be able to access a computer for a period of time, please contact a mod.
---Please be sure to make a post in both your character journal(by backdating) and Final Illusion.

(x)In Character Policy
Please, keep your character as IN CHARACTER as you possibly can. Yes, there may be a moment for them to go slightly OOC but, aside from that, do not make them do stuff that isn't part of their character persona. As an EXAMPLE: Auron is more a silent and serious type. You won't be seeing him skipping through a field of daisies, singing "I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! I feel pretty, and witty, and gaaaay!"

(x)Logs = LJ Cut
All logs will go in fi_logs under an lj-cut.
The ratings will run from G to NC-17; if you are going to be acting out a NC-17 scene please put a warning into the title or body part so we all know what to expect also, please let us know if your log is rated R.
If you can, in the title of your post have what characters are interacting with one another.

(x)We accept both Slash and Het
All right. This, I believe, is probably one of the biggest things that's up here. Your character going into a relationship is a natural thing, as relationships happen in the real world. Now, we accept slash couples into the game but not all characters are going to be gay. There are such things as canon pairings, which should stick through the RP. Please, if you want your character to be gay give a good reason for it.

(x)Family Ties
There are BLOOD RELATIONS in a lot of the FF games. Yuna and Rikku = Cousins; Brother and Rikku = Brother and Sister; Golbez and Cecil = Brothers. There are other relations of the sort so, please, stick with them.

(x)Grammar = Good
English may not be the first language of a lot of people but it's a somewhat must for roleplaying. Just remember: Spell check is your friend! Though, if you're having trouble with the use of certain words, feel free to ask someone whos first language is English. None of us will bite.

(x)Adding Characters to Char. Friend's List
You are expected to do so, so you know what is going on and the such. [The list will be up once the RP starts]

(x)All OOC Posts...
Have a question or just something you need to say to the rest of the people of the RP? You can post over at fi_ooc.
The Application Process...
Please email the following application to planetorama@gmail.com
We'll try to get back to you ASAP.

Name: So we have something to call you
Age: 16. There will be some adult situations.
RP Experience:
AIM: This is how we roleplay, darling.
Journal: Your personal journal

Character + Game:
First Person Narrative: Like what they would write in a journal.
Third Person Narrative: Make them do something. Move around. Whatever. At least a paragraph in length.
History: Brief. Just to know if you understand and know your character and their background, as well personality.

name: Black Mage
journal: stabstabbity
player: savifa
aim: carrythistune
email: planetorama@gmail.com

name: Celes Chere
journal: findherwings
player: savifa
aim: carrythistune
email: planetorama@gmail.com

name: Edgar Figaro
journal: metalandsand
player: savifa
aim: carrythistune
email: planetorama@gmail.com

name: Emperor Gestahl
journal: emperiumrule
player: savifa
aim: carrythistune
email: planetorama@gmail.com

name: Locke Cole
journal: lockeandkey
player: silentorphan
aim: sahaquiel66
email: silent_orphans@yahoo.com

name: Terra Branford
journal: inrareform
player: schizophrenic
aim: fetalcoffin

name: Aerith Gainsborough
journal: prayerforlife
player: another_myself
aim: advent prayer

name: Cloud Strife
journal: alonewithout
player: handful
aim: Figgy The Ninja

name: Reno
journal: midgarsfinest
player: handful
aim: Figgy The Ninja

name: Rude
journal: baldandsexy
player: schizophrenic
aim: fetalcoffin

name: Rufus ShinRa
journal: civildeception
player: recession
aim: TensokuuStar

name: Tifa Lockheart
journal: piecesofheart
player: savifa
aim: carrythistune
email: planetorama[@]gmail.com

name: Tseng
journal: secretlyalive
player: recession
aim: TensokuuStar

name: Yuffie Kisaragi
journal: materiaistic
player: stargrazer
aim: kupocakes

name: Zack
journal: decipherment
player: vixias
aim: zacks clone

name: Fujin
journal: klazo
player: mamorunooni

name: Laguna Loire
journal: lagunaloire
player: rhyein
aim: Rhyein
email: hitokirinome@ellone-loire.net

name: Raine Leonhart-Loire
journal: breathingghost
player: savifa
aim: carrythistune
email: planetorama[@]gmail.com

Name: Rinoa Heartilly
journal: heartsmemory
player: disasteriffic
aim: fadedfayth
email: distantly[@]gmail.com

name: Squall Leonhart
journal: roaring_squall
player: nerdraeg
aim msn: I_steal_cookies@hotmail.com
email: I_steal_cookies@hotmail.com

name: Ultimecia
journal: darkanamnesis
player: purgatory
aim: Forgiving Moon
email: ashira.blaze@gmail.com

name: Zell Dincht
journal: hotdogsaregood
player: handful
aim: figgy the ninja

name: Garnet Til Alexandros XVII aka "Dagger"
journal: likeajewel
player: schizophrenic
aim: fetalcoffin

name: Auron
journal: banishedone
player: handful
aim: Figgy The Ninja

name: Gippal
journal: sandandgrease
player: handful
aim: Figgy The Ninja

name: Rikku
journal: stealwill
player: stargrazer
aim: kupocakes

name: Tidus
journal: energyraining
player: handful
aim: Figgy The Ninja

name: Yuna
journal: sacrificable
player: savifa
aim: carrythistune
email: planetorama@gmail.com


DISCLAIMER: Final Illusion does not claim ownership or copyright over Final Fantasy, nor are we associated with Square(Enix). This is just something the we, the fans and roleplayers, enjoy doing. So, please, don't sue us. This is all just for fun.

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