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Where's my poncho? Who took my poncho?

...Who'd want to take a PONCHO, anyway?
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... Why do you HAVE a poncho?
It's part of my traveling kit. When it rains and I'm stuck out in the open somewhere, it shields me from the downpour. More or less.
Oooh. Sounds girly.
.......It's a raincoat, Terra.
Then call it a raincoat. Poncho sounds girly.
At least you can tell I'm back to being myself?
Yeah. Good to see you being all mischievous. Must be all those kids rubbing off on you.
I can't help it if Celes dresses you in girly things. Yes they are, I'm very glad to be home
I was carrying a poncho raincoat around long before I met Celes. And she does not dress me up in girly things, what in the world...?
I never saw you with a poncho, Locke.

Are you sure? Someone does. Is it the kids?
It was never raining when we journeyed together, so I never brought it out.

Wha...? No one does!
Uh huh.

Not sure I believe all that, Locke.
I freely admit that while with the Returners, I disguised myself as many different characters to spy on the Imperials. However, I never have dressed up in women's clothes. Treasure hunter's honor.

Are you sure you're not confusing me with someone else? I've heard some rumors about that blonde spiky-haired guy, the boyfriend of that girl who got crowned before you.
Hm, has he dressed up in girls clothes too?

So I've heard. I've seen him around, and you know, with some work, he might be able to pull it off.
.... Now you're imagining boys in girls clothing too? Wow. Does Celes know?
Terra, re-imagining (and reimaging) people was part of my job with the Returners, especially when I had to slip spies into very potentially nasty locations. In fact, sometimes I had to completely reengineer their disguises because they were too shoddy.

If it's any consolation, I have a pretty good idea of how to disguise you and Celes so you can pass for boys.

That is, if you weren't pregnant. How're you feeling, by the by?
I know it was part of your job. Being a treasure hunter I'm sure you got into lots of different um.. costumes.

I can still tease you about it. It's what I do best.

Really? You could make me into a boy? Hee. You should one time when I'm not all big. After the baby.

I'm um.. achey and sore and sick to my stomach alot. But other then that I'm good.
Yes. All of them male costumes, let me assure you. Or at least asexual, like Gogo's. (Speaking of which, I still don't know whether Gogo is male or female. And I haven't seen him...her...whichever in ages.)

Aieee. Sorry to hear that. Edgar had better be treating you right. If not, I'll find him and stabbity-stabbity until he realizes what he's doing wrong. Or I'll dig Sabin out of whatever hole he's disappeared into and send him in my place.
That sounds like fun though, dressing up like the opposite sex. But maybe I'm saying that because I'm a girl and wouldn't mind being a boy (I don't know that either. What about Umaro. Is Umaro a boy?)

Edgar's treating me very well I promise. It's mostly running around trying to keep up with the kids at the same time. I thought it was hard work before but they're growing up so fast.
I can only imagine Edgar's expression when he reads the "doesn't mind being a boy" part. I get the feeling that he'd mind. (I am 90 percent certain that both Umaro and Mog are male.)

I don't think they'd be too hard on you. They should understand. After all, Katarin had her baby and had to take care of the brood at the same time when you were helping us get rid of Clownface once and for all.
Just dressing up like one! Not .. I mean.. it's not like I'd.. have any of THOSE thoughts. I wouldn't want to get him scared or anything.

Katarin is being completely wonderful. She does know and she's helping me. She's been an absolute angel. I try to tell them but I'm not sure they believe me. Maybe when I actually get bigger and they can tell.